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Home with the children? Might be a great time for that sanitizing carpet cleaning and repair

If you're going to be home with the children out of school, this may be an opportune time to take care of some of the spring cleaning and maintenance items on your to-do list.

If you need the sanitizing effect of carpet cleaning, or the aesthetic and safety effect of restretching buckled carpeting or repairing damaged areas in your carpet, we are one call away for more information, or for scheduling to have those services completed.

At Carpet Doctors we never allow anyone to work who has even the slightest cold, and we wear protective covering over our feet and take every precaution for the safety of your family with a service and mentality that's the least invasive as possible into your daily routine.

Usually only one serviceman will be present to perform any of our services.

The average time-to-completion for any of our services is under two hours, with many of our services being completed within an hour.

Call or visit our website for more information

And we wish you and your family the best of health, peace and happiness

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