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Does your carpeting look like a BMX track?

Does the carpeting in your home look like a BMX track?

Buckles, lumps and waves can develop on incorrectly installed carpeting.

Severe buckling can sometimes occur, but no matter how severe, Carpet Doctors can restretch your carpeting, better than the original installation, and assure this for you by giving you a 10-year warranty for your peace of mind.

These bumps can become a trip hazard and cause delamination of you're carpeting is left in a buckled state.

No matter if your rooms are empty or if you're furniture is still in place, restretching can successfully be performed for any of your rooms, hallways, closets or stairs.

Call or leave us a message for a quick response to cure any of your carpeting ills.

For more information please call or leave us a message

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