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Carpet stretching, carpet restretching and carpet repair

Many people are confused with the terms and services for carpet restoration. Carpet stretching is an important procedure that should have been done with initial installation, but many times this crucial step is skipped all together, resulting in eventual carpet "buckling." (waves and lumps) Carpet restretching occurs after the carpet has been installed and the "speed bumps," lumps and ripples start showing up in your room. Carpet repair is utilized for any damage to carpeting other than buckling. No matter your need, whether it's carpet restretching or carpet repair or carpet dyeing or carpet cleaning, Carpet Doctors is just one call away. 804-421-2888 Contact us today for a free phone estimate, or to schedule an on-site evaluation of your carpeting and dirty upholstery, or squeaky subfloor needs. Please visit our website for more information #carpetrepair #carpetrepairing #carpetstretching #carpetrestretching #carpetdyeing #carpetcleaning #squeakyfloor #upholsterycleaning

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