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Carpet cleaning is an essential annual maintenance procedure for your expensive carpeting

Manufacturers recommend cleaning your carpeting, utilizing only deep steam extraction, annually to uphold your warranty and extend the life of your carpeting.

Carpet Doctors specializes in certified Carpet Cleaning.

Our unique system utilizes no detergents in our steam extraction solution. We pre-treat all areas with environmentally safe products, before we steam extract where cleaning agents, dirt, bacteria and debris will be removed from your carpeting.

This form of cleaning leaves your carpet residue-free, cleaner longer, and much less likely to cause static or negative issues with your carpeting down the line.

Whether you need advanced spot cleaning or overall cleaning for your wall to wall carpeting, area rugs, or upholstery, Carpet Doctors is just one call away

For more information visit our website

Or call for a free estimate over the phone, or on-site inspection.


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