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Winter is the time when we are busiest restretching carpeting, repairing carpeting, spot dyeing carp

When we restretch carpeting, the finished product will be flat and tight and come with a 10-year warranty. What we trim off of your carpeting after it's been restretched used to be lumps and bumps you encountered before the problem was corrected. If you're experiencing carpet buckling or damage of any kind call today for a free estimate and evaluation. During the winter months we at Carpet Doctors concentrate more on offering you carpet restretching, carpet repair, carpet dying, and squeaky floor repair services. Reach out to us for more information via our website or by calling 804-421-2888 or by sending us a message through social media #carpetrestretching #carpetstretching #carpetrepair #carpetrepairing# carpetdying

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