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I'm Dyeing to tell you about our Carpet Color Correction Service! - Carpet Spot Dyeing & Car

You've purchased a home. You love it. But there's a couple of glaring spots on that beautiful, warm, quieting carpeting throughout the house that stand out as brightly as one headlight on a tractor trailer

"What can I do?" you ask yourself.

Must we tolerate this?"

Gladly, the answer is NO.

Fortunately you have an actual solution helping you avoid having to embellish truth about those standout eye-catchers being a "designers touch"

Yes, your restorative Leonardo of laid textile rests within the confines of the ranks of Carpet Doctors in Richmond Va. 

Not only can we restore your carpeting, squeaky floors, bleached spots, dirty upholstery, worn padding, buckled carpeting, mucky mattresses and carpeting to like-new condition, we'll back-up our services with authentic, non-unicorns-on-rainbows driven warranties you can be assured will be upheld longer than Samson with those fabled columns.

 We'll perform every service we offer professionally, and not once ask for a sammich or the opportunity to nap in your 3 season room before our next job.

We are in your home to work!

We are polite and courteous, but we don't want to distract you with our latest advice for stock-picks or bargains at The Dollar Store or with attempts to find out where you obtained that cool painting while wandering your house doing things other than the work you've hired us to perform.

We are people, just like you, who understand we are 'Tolerated guests" within your home; there to make your life aesthetically better once we've left, not while we're there inconveniencing you. - You are very polite in your inconvenience, and this fact doesn't escape us. Our service is usually quicker than you would expect but we never replace quality with speed.



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