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Bad Carpet Stains? No problem

Sometimes home projects turn into home nightmares. With one misstep, quick turn or butter-fingers moment, something can go quickly from container or hands onto your beautifully clean carpeting, creating a mess you may be worried cannot be corrected.

Carpet Doctors specializes in removing, repairing, correcting any and all damage to your carpeting, saving you thousands in replacement cost.

Whether a paint spill, dog/cat damage, Permanent Marker drawing on carpeting or bleached spots, carpet Doctors trained techniciams can permanently repair your carpeting to new or like-new condition. We offer a lifetime warranty with all repair services. Ten year warranty with our restretching service.

If you're in, or within the suburbs of Richmond Virginia, or in any city ordering Richmond we invite you to experience the best in carpet cleaning, repairing, stretching and dyeing.

The pictures displayed are from a customers home where a pail of stain was spilled. She only had small pieces of donor material for us to utilize so we had to create one large insert from 4 smaller sections. As you can see the result was excellent.

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