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Lumps, bumps and buckles in your carpeting continue to grow until restretched

When carpeting is installed, many times it is installed incorrectly leading to buckled carpeting. These buckles, or speed bumps, lumps or puckers as some call them, continue to grow creating a trip hazard and actually leading to delamination where the backing of your carpeting comes off. These hazards and permanent damage can be avoided and eliminated permanently with professional restretching of the entire room or areas of carpeting.

There is no quick fix to remove buckling. You cannot knee kick the buckles away. The entire area must be reinstalled. We price this service two ways; with furniture in the rooms and with zero furnishing in the rooms. When furniture exists in the rooms and you are unable to remove items completely, we will place sliders under each piece of furniture, no matter how large or heavy, and slide the furnishings to one side of the room; exposing an area we can then stretch to industry standards. We will then slide the furnishings to the area that was just stretched to expose any remaining areas to be stretched, thus completely reinstalling the entire room. As you can imagine this triples the labor time needed to properly remove buckling from your carpeting, but is just slightly more expensive than stretching an empty area.

Carpet Doctors offers a ten year warranty with this service.

For more information you can reach us by phone at 804-421-2888, or visit our website at

Before restretching

After restretching

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