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Sanitize your carpet and upholstery

You can't sterilize carpeting or upholstery, but you can sanitize it.

With our natural products and deep steam extraction process, we can rid your carpeting of dirt, bacteria and allergens better and safer than any other process available.

We won't attempt to upgrade you to a "best" or "better" service. You'll get the best service available with deep steam extraction, recommended by every carpet manufacturer to uphold your warranty.

No matter your type or style of carpeting we will properly, professionally and thoroughly clean it to industry standards, leaving it sanitized and safe for your use. No detergent residue is left behind that would quickly cause your carpeting to resoil.

Our upholstery cleaning service utilizes the same system, with a drying time of 1 to 2 hours after thorough cleaning.

And don't forget we also offer our carpet restretching, carpet repair, and carpet spot dyeing services to make your carpeting look the best it possibly can.

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